Eridan Equis


Eridan was raised in a small town near Cerdan, to an Elven mother and a Human father. His parents were attentive and kind, and gave their only child a fairly short leash. As a result, the young Eridan enjoyed playing in the woods that were nearby and enjoyed watching forest creatures especially. Discovering fairly early on that he was well suited to the druidic arts, this struck the people of his hometown as, quote, “the least surprising thing I’ve ever heard.”

Eridan did not experience much discrimination as a half elf, since his hometown was mostly human. He still is learning to deal with the fact that not everyone accepts him based on his race, and doesn’t really understand why. He did not interact with many elves growing up besides his mother, but the few times he did left a bad taste in his mouth.

He is not a big fan of interacting with people in any case. Growing up with forest creatures all around, he is still a little skittish and will say odd things. He also has a habit of talking to wildlife, attempting to have long conversations with them. Being a druid, this does mean they probably understand what he’s saying, but who really knows?

Eridan met up with the current party after intercepting a message from agents in Cerdan. He traveled to Tyrrn in order to warn the former Storm Legion that Verstad was seeking the Throne, and ended up lending his services. Being a druid, he is quick and athletic, and also able to control his foes. He may not be the most frightening warrior, but with the help of his toad and (sometimes) claws, he can be a thorn in any foe’s side. Pun intended.

Eridan Equis

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