Kildrak Stoneheart

A stout dwarf with a ruddy red bread. His face is hidden by a helm, almost in shame.

  • He regularly traveled with a cleric(his brother) of Mordan who was tasked with keeping temples and tombs from being desecrated, which he became very familar with cults and the undead.
  • Kildrak was the muscle and navigator.
  • Him and his brother are also Thunder Twins so they have been inseparable from birth.
  • They mainly worked around Vulceron but as their fame grew so did calls from areas all around the
    Valthune Mountains. And while there work was holy and needed they were well paid for their services.
  • During one such excursion the brothers were tasked with protecting a temple inside the city of Tyrrn. His brother had a bad feeling about it, having sensed great evil in this temple. But the pay was great and Kildrak was confident in their abilities. This proved to be their last expedition as Kildrak’s brother lost his life in the the tomb.
  • Kildrak blamed himself for this and has lived in Tyrnn for many years not wanted to face the dishonor of going back to his clan. He is quickly drinking away the small fortune that he had accumulated. Soon he will have to get rid of his brother’s magical warhammer and is looking for an excuse to leave town and protect what is left of his honor.
  • Common folk in Tyrrn refer to Kildrak as “Kildrak the Destitute”, a play on his other well-known name of “Kildrak the Brave”

Thoughts on other PCs

  • Perion What a great little gnome! He shows real honor and kindness. Kildrak is convinced that without Perion’s intervention he would have slowly gotten lost in a drunken stupor for the rest of his life.
  • Zarn Zarn does seem to exhibit that haughty atmosphere that any eladrin has. Kildrak can feel Zarn’s distaste oozing off him. But he seems willing enough to help. And boy does he know alot about everything. Maybe someday Kildrak can ask him some questions about his own clan’s history.


  • Strikebacks
  • Solitaire (Cinnabar)
  • Bag of Holding
  • Frozen Whetstone
  • Avalanche Boots
  • Moradin’s Blessing of Iron
  • Greaves of Maldeen
  • Parry gauntlets

Kildrak Stoneheart

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