Lhankor Traslocare


Lhankor was a Deva that found herself near Cotham five years ago without many memories and in a new body. Some hazy memories from her previous life remain, and a knowledge of the arcane, but not enough for her to recall what she did and what happened to her.

She found her way to Khotham and became a devotee of Bahamut, believing strongly in his vision, and gained a large distrust for Tieflings. She shortly after joined the Talon, and offered her arcane powers to the cause. A capable commander, she quickly rose through the ranks. Not the strongest fighter, she prefers to lead from the rear while keeping her enemies dazed and confused, easy prey for her troops. She is smart and knows it, and is always wanting the full picture before making any plans. She comes off as a little cool and distant, not the kind of commander you would like to have a drink with.

Lhankor has an intense dislike of fire, and tries to avoid it. As a result, she refuses to use torches (relying on her Light spell) and would prefer to stay away from it in general. She is not sure why this is the case, but assumes it has to do with her past.

She has fully embraced the Platinum Dragon and his order, and will follow any commands without complaint. She does not like Tieflings at all, and would rather kill than capture, but a captive Tiefling is still better than them running around. Since there is war brewing, she is determined to stop it.


Lhankor Traslocare

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