Nicolas Hauxworth

A man in a full duster complete with a wide brimmed hat stands behind a counter, hawking treasures and the maps to find more.



*Antipathy Gloves LV 10
*Bloodiron Crossbow Lv 13
*Elven Chain Shirt Lv 9+
*Eyes of the Eagle LV 11
*Anything from the Shadowdancer set
*Sneak’s cloak
*Map of Orienteering LV 9
*Dice of Auspicious Fortune
*Goggles of Night


He is an explore who knows the Valthune mountains really well. He spent much of his early twenties tagging alone with a motley crew of dwarfs plundering old mines and other structures in the range. He feels as much at home in a large city bazaar selling his latest trinkets and maps as in a dank and dusty ruin. He is still friendly with his dwarven mates but has spent the last few years of his life mostly on his own as guide for the various ruins in Valthunes. Although of course he shows as much courage as a dwarf, he has many tricks in his backpack to make for an escape for you can’t enjoy your riches if you are dead.

Nicholas is originally from Cerdan where he was a conman and small time thief. His widowed mother still lives in the city, she was aware of some of his work but not the full extent of it. He had a family in Cerdan as well, a wife and and a daughter. His wife was from the Salario family, a major merchant family with considerable sway with the city’s politics. Because of Nicholas’s shady past he was not welcomed by other members of the Salario family. Eventually the Salario’s could see a change in Nicolas, he truly cared for his new family. Which lead to a level of tolerance with the family, including having Nicolas participate on trade missions for the them, he was after all an accomplished archer. This all changed when Nicholas was asked to perform a job by Malachine crime family, who wanted to use his influence with the Salario family to undermine the Cerdan goverment. When Nicholas refused to do this job Malchine thugs killed his family. In revenge Nicholas killed the Malchine heir, his young wife, and his children.

Due to his history with Cerdan Nicholas then left and assumed his current identity. He is being hunted by both the Salario and Malchine family.

Because of his troubled past Nicholas rarely stays in one spot for an extended period of time. He also keeps tabs on his friends for fear of his past catching up to him. A minus due to his past is that Nicholas can turn into a cold-blooded killer if he feels him or his friends are in danger. He escaped with his manservant and friend Winston Salario.


From Cerdan
Wanted by the Malchine family for killing a few heirs
Previously an assassin
Lost his wife and son

To earn the trust back of the Salario family
To protect civilization from failing back into darkness
Explore ancient ruins
Own an airship

Paragon Path break

After the tower invasion Nicolas and Winston retired back to Khotham to manage their shop, [[Antique Maps & Relics]]. Everything seemed to be fine, they Talon had inacted martial law but it didn’t affect business too much and Nicolas was still free to seek out ruins for more gear for the shop. They had even started a second shop up near Geldram’s Tower. Then on day after a recent return from some ruins, even finding an interesting map to an old Skyholm outpost, a group of Malchine assassins attempted to kill Nicolas. Clearly it was absurd to think that two assassins could kill Nicolas but it was clear that his past was catching up with him.

Winston had kept in good contact with his family the Salarios and even though he knew his nephew Byron wouldn’t accept Nick back immediately he suggested to house with Barton Salario, a fishmonger who while doesn’t concern himself much with the politics of Cerdan. Nicholas entrusted the store to Winston and made his way to Cerdan.

Over the year he worked with Barton to gain the trust of the rest of the Salario family. He also worked tracking down the lone assassin that did get away back in Khotham. When he did find him he did find out an assassination plot against Byron. Which he was able to intercept and prevent Byron’s death. Begrudgingly this earned Byron’s support and respect. Soon Nicolas was enlisted to protect Byron as part of his personal guard. This required some additional training with the Cerdanise guard for battlefield tactics.

Around three months ago the plague started in Cerdan. Nick noticed that the victims did not appear to be random, all them appeared nobles or lawmakers that are opposed to the Malchine. With permission from Byron Nicolas started investigate the plague further, showing that it appears to be magical maybe more of a manufactured poison instead of being naturally occurring. About three weeks ago Byron’s father contracted the illness around the same time that Lankor reported in that the plague has spread to other areas of Endisa, notably the the forward Talon camp near the Tielfing Outpost.

Nicolas feels that he might find the source of the plague here. He showed Byron his notes on the plague, including strong ties between the Malchine and the Horn, and with his permission left for the outpost.

P.S. Update on Winston. He is still hanging out with the store. Business is doing well. In fact Winston has hired Barton’s son, Atrus to run the store in Geldram’s Tower.

Nicolas Hauxworth

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