Perion de la Foret

Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice Doggy" until you find a big enough stick.


Circlet of Authority (7) OR Headband of Intellect (10) OR Crown of Equilibrium (12)
Halfling Boots (9) OR Catstep boots (2)
Gloves of Dimensional Repulsion (14) OR Gloves of the healer (12)
Piercing songblade OR Withering shortsword (13/18/etc)
Symbol of the Champion’s Code (9/14/etc)

Explosive Runes OR Glyph of Warding (Ritual or scroll)
Scroll of Chamelon’s Cloak
Scroll of Light Ward

Bard/WarChanter, calls himself a Paladin


Perion Lud, second son of the Viscomte Aryart Lud, Lord of Lud-in-the-mist, a fiefdom in the vicinity of the Feywild city of Wiadale. Perion was educated to support his older brother, who would be heir their father’s title, but filled his time reading tales of heroism and romance, of a life that wouldn’t leave him forever in his brother’s shadow. He never needed to know anything or war or battle, as his father retained a small party of adventurers to handle the “less diplomatic” missions around their land. He admired them and found one in particular, Amalie, an Eldarin rogue, beautiful and fascinating.

As he was on the cusp of manhood, a large tribe of goblins came rolling around, razing & looting nearby farms. His father & elder brother wanted to hire guards to protect the town, hoping the goblins just passed by and left them alone. Perion disagreed, and felt it was their responsibility as Lords to take care of the smallfolk. His father decided to get the fool notion out of his head once and for all, assuming that when he saw battle once, he would lose his stomach for heroism forever and settle down to be a respectable scholar or merchant.

Perion was given charge of a third of the mercenaries to sweep in and wipe out the goblin tribe; and had the tribe been as small as expected, or the force lead by more capable hands, it might have been enough. But between his inexperience, insistence on chivalry, and inept leadership, the force was routed. His connections saved him, though. Amalie, the rogue from his father’s hired adventurers, snuck in and freed him as the rest of her party, led by a paladin, came and engaged the goblins. They didn’t fare well either- the tribe was far too large to be overwhelmed so easily, and the adventurers knew it; but their leader, in true paladin fashion instructed them all to scatter and make it out alive, while he stood his ground to his last breath. In the chaos of battle, Amalie lead Perion of Lud-in-the-Mist away into the woods towards Wiadale, and neither was seen again.

Two weeks later, Perion De La Foret arrived at the city of Wiadale alone, hiring himself to the city’s military detachment as a single mercenary, striking back at goblins in whenever he could, but always wanting to go further away. Still an idealist at heart, who wants more than anything to be the a hero remembered forever in songs and stories, his fervor is tempered by memories of past failures, and dread that he might again see others killed or dying with no greater purpose than trying to save his own skin.

What Perion Did on his Paragon Break———————-
Disgusted by The Talon’s escalating the war he had worked to prevent, Perion withdrew to The Feywild with Amalie to return to Wiadale’s military service, and spent a year leading and inspiring the troops in their war against The Great Gark. Over this time, he refined everything he had learned from his work with Talon leaders, mastered the Feywild tricks of logistics, and made peace with his past, returning home to Lud-in-the-Mist to let them know he is alive and has gotten involved with something greater than himself; and acknowledged his position as a nobleman and wearing his signet ring.

After a year of service, Llhankor sent out the call for him to return to help his own party. Perion responded, effectively, with “I don’t like you. Leave me alone.”; but shortly after he was visited by a vision of Corellon. The eyes of his god met the eyes of Perion, and Perion waited for a long while, forgetful of everything save that the god who stood before him was love. And then Perion wept, for in his eyes he saw the truth, that everything in live is miraculous; and that it rests within the power of each of us to awaken from this dragging nightmare of life made up of thinking that one must do bad in the name of good, sacrifice in the name of doing what must be done; and to see life as it really is, and to rejoice in its exquisite wonderfulness.

When Corellon knew that Perion had learned his greatest truth, he spoke. “You are fighting in the war here because it’s easier, not because this is your home, or because they need you more. These people and this world already know me. Go back to The First Work, and continue to do our work where it is hard, and that is what heroes do.”

Perion de la Foret

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