Thangobrind Nickelplenty

always quick to fix or break. He has just the tool for the job.

  • Gnome that maybe lives in some gnome town under the mountains.
  • Good friends with Vondal from Silvermont of which is where he hears about the expedition
  • For a theme I have him as an alchemist and urban gnome. So he kinda works as a back alley merchant who might get paid in more than just coin.
  • Not a bunch of his powers actually deal damage. Mostly they are illusions or enchantments that get him out of sticky situations. I also have a crap ton of alchemist items on him with the idea that he uses those along with his illusions to prevent the dying. Actually build him from the essentials mage which is pretty sweet I think.
  • Happy guy. He has an understanding of how the underdark works but seems to roll with it.


  • Gadgeteer’s Goggles
  • Ring of Protection
  • Ring of Borrowed Spells
  • Zephyr Boots
  • Ring of Free Time
  • Opal Ring of Remembrance

Thangobrind heard about the expedition to Deepreach from Vondal. He is interesting in find this old dwarven ruin because he knows there has to be all sorts of gadgets that the elder dwarves used back in the day. He also created something he simply calls “blitz-brazzel” and figures that maybe Deepreach might offer something to help mass produce it in its forges.

A back ally merchant he is used to dealing with seedy folks needing some items for a breaking and entering. Normally tries to avoid conflict but is able to handle himself if need be, if only enough to run away.

Thangobrind Nickelplenty

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