Torrin Stormtooth

Cloistered, Battle Hardened, slightly morbid sense of humor, Large claw scar on right side of face


I was born in the Dwarven city of Vulceron, my mother passed away mere days before I hatched. I was raised by my father, Gehas Stormtooth, is a paladin of Bahamut but he was disgraced for fleeing in fear from an imminent battle in Khotham; leaving his mate and son to bear his shame.

Being raised among the dwarves drove me to honor and respect the god Kord, and some years after becoming one of his paladins, I met my half brother Gesh Rimescale. After telling me of my fathers cowardice I confronted my father and left my home in Vulceron to show the others of my clan that I am not my father, I am no coward. My brother and I joined a mercenary group in Khotham and we have been fighting the various threats that bother Khotham. Its been 10 years since I came to Khotham but my fathers cowardly act still haunts me, and his former comrades- The local Platinum Talons still look down thier snouts at me. Not only for my “coward’s blood” but also that I am not a paladin of the Dragon Father. Gesh and I have fought many battles, but I have yet to overcome the smear he left on my blood. But I feel the world begining to shift, forces stir the air, the Teiflings have been a bit too cheeky for their own good as of late. Here’s the thing about Teiflings I learnd, “If you try to relieve a Tiefling of its horn, make sure you relieve the body of the head”.

Torrin Stormtooth

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