Tag: Feywild


  • Mithrendain

    Also known as the Autumn City or Citadel of the Feywild, Mithrendain is a large enclave in the [[Feywild]] that is home to almost 40,000 fey almost all eladrin. It was once a fortress intended to help protect [[Cendriane]], but now that the former eladrin …

  • Nachtur

    Nachtur is a nation in the [[Feywild]], near [[Mithrendain]] and [[Wiadale]]. Its ruler is a hobgoblin known as [[:the-great-gark | The Great Gark]]

  • The Great Gark

    The Great Gark is a hobgoblin wizard who rules the kingdom of [[Nachtur]] in the [[Feywild | Feywild]]. He is said to be a wizard of some power, and to have survived at least one assassination attempt by quicklings.

  • Amalie Bordeux

    Previously employed by [[:perion|Perion Lud]]'s father to protect the city of Lud-in-the-Mist; she saved Perion's life when he lead an ill-fated assault against goblin raiders, and helped him learn to adventure and leave his home. According to [[: …

  • Lud-in-the-mist

    Hometown of Perion De La Foret in his previous life as Perion Lud. A merchant hub, center of the fiefdom under the control of the Viscount Ayrart Lud & his eldest son (bland french sounding french-sounding name. Renaud? Maugis? Gerard?). Nestled …