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  • Silvermont

    A small mining town at the base of the [[Valthune Mountains]] this serves as the initial home based for the PCs. The town serves as a headquarters for the various mining companies that operate in the Valthunes. It is predominantly peopled by humans and …

  • Vulceron

    Vulceron is large dwarven city in the [[Valthune Mountains]]. Many of the older buildings are carved out of the top of Mount Ghaem. Under the city is an extensive mining complex much of which has never been seen by non-dwarves.

  • Tyrrn

    Tyrrn is a city east of the [[Valthune Mountains]] that receives silver and gold ore shipments from Silvermont. It lies near the ruins of the tiefling empire of Bael Turath, and most of the ruling class of the city are tieflings, although the demographics …

  • Khotham

    Khotham is a large, cosmopolitan city in [[Endisia]]. It is populated mostly by dragonborn, humans, and fey and lies west of the [[Valthune Mountains]]. It receives silver and gold ore shipments from [[Silvermont]] and serves as a market for the …

  • Cerdan

    Cerdan is bustling city-state sea port on the coast of the [[Sea of Ka'Deil]]. Many villages surround and support Cerdan. Including the ones around [[Calamity Bay]]. It is governed by the [[Council of Lords | Council of Lords]]. Cerdan has two main …

  • Fort Selgove

    Total population: 4205
    Humans: 421
    Elves: 210
    Halflings: 3574
    Eladrin: 210
    Total guard: 28

    In addition, 53 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Town , and are overseen by 2 ordained priests.

    Fort …

  • Wiadale

    A fortified town in the [[Feywild | Feywild]] it is the center of a large collection of agricultural communities. The leader of the town and captain of the guards is [[:vorald]].

  • Kasunai

    Floating city in the clouds, population 16000, mostly kenku with some human. The city is dominated by several tall towers. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the kenku lady [[Kawa Omochiyo]], though a council of women exerts some influence. …

  • Lud-in-the-mist

    Hometown of Perion De La Foret in his previous life as Perion Lud. A merchant hub, center of the fiefdom under the control of the Viscount Ayrart Lud & his eldest son (bland french sounding french-sounding name. Renaud? Maugis? Gerard?). Nestled …