Tag: dragon


  • Kalyxa Dramon

    Kalyxa Dramon is an female adult green dragon with a lair in the central portion of the [[Darkthorn Forest]].

  • Bale Khara Nalsym

    An elder red dragon known by [[:mendis | Mendis]] and [[:ormend | Lord Ormend]] to lair in a volcano in the [[Valthune Mountains | Valthunes]], south of [[Silvermont | Silvermont]]. He has a son named [[:athux-khara | Athux Khara]].

  • Athux Khara

    Athux is the son of [[:bale-khara-nalsym | Bale Khara Nalsym]] and is the apparent author of a [[Letters from Athux Khara | series of letters]] to [[:korivosh | Korivosh ]] that were discovered under the kobold lair in [[Valthune Mountains | Valthunes]].