Endisia is a continent with a temperate climate that serves as the initial setting for this campaign. That planet that Endisia lies on is commonly referred to as the First Work. The map section of the site contains a map that details the relevant portion of the continent.

Silvermont is the starting place for the characters in this world. It is a mining town in the foothills of the Valthune Mountains.

North of the Silvermont but also in the Valthune range is the dwarven city of Vulceron, hewn into the very rock of Mount Ghaem. South and west of Silvermont, the foothills of the Valthunes blend into the Darkthorn Forest. East of the Valthunes lies Tyrrn, a bustling cosmopolitan city with a strong subculture of tieflings. Tyrrn is not far from several of the larger ruins of Bael Turath, the fallen tiefling empire. To the west of the Valthunes lies Khotham, a city of humans and half-elves with a few dragonborn neighborhoods as well. It lies near some scattered ruins of Arkhosia, the dragonborn empire which warred with the tieflings centuries ago to their mutual destruction.

Far to the south on the coast of the Sea of Ka’Deil is the main port of Cerdan. And to the southwest of the mountains are the halfling river settlements among the wetlands of Qanzyl. Further inland from there is Arteuria, the deep wooded land. The deepest parts of this forest link to the fey wilds the native home of elves, eladrin and gnomes.


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