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Welcome to the Pact of the Ancients Wiki

This wiki serves as the main reference for information about the campaign world. A few general notes about the campaign:

  • The setting is based on the 4e “points of light” setting introduced in the DMG, but is not set in the Nentir Vale. This site details the places and people of this setting.
  • This is a dangerous world. There may be encounters where the party will be better served by avoiding conflict or will need to escape combat to survive. There will be XP rewards for smart play in these cases.
  • The action starts on the continent of Endisia. The wiki page for the continent is a good place to start reading about the geography of this world.
  • There are a few Rules of the Road that if we follow will make for an easier coordination of schedules and in-game info.
  • We are building a game table. Check the process here

I hope you enjoy the campaign!

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