Rules of the Road

We’re all busy folks and only have so much time to devote to gaming. By following a some simple rules we can make sure everyone gets the most out of their gaming time:

  • We normally game Friday or Saturday night from 7-11 and occasionally Sunday from 1-5. We use Doodle to find the time we can all make and use the calendar feature in Obsidian Portal to formally schedule the sessions and and send out invitations.
  • Use the Wizards provided Character Builder tool to maintain your character. If you do not have a DnD Insider account one will be provided for you to use.
  • Keep an up-to-date version of your character uploaded to the campaign group on iPlay4e. The DM uses iPlay4e as a reference for each characters skills, defenses, and magic items. You’re free to track hit points, healing surges, and action points on only your character sheets if you prefer. It is possible to track those stats on iPlay4e at the table though through a smart phone or tablet.
  • Leave your character sheets and power cards in the maroon folder between games so that someone else can play for you if you can’t make it the following week.
  • Within a week following a play session a designated player writes an adventure log post on the Obsidian Portal site to record the previous session’s events. These posts are typically written in character and read by the author at the start of the next session to refresh everyone’s memory.
  • The DM tracks experience and durable magic items for the party.
  • The party tracks consumable magic items (e.g. potions, scrolls), treasure, rations and encumbrance.
  • Although some brief discussions at the table on rules interpretations is fine, once the DM has made a ruling on the current situation, please respect it so that we can get back to that game.

Key Player Responsibilities

These the things players need to do in order or importance.

  1. Respond to Doodle schedule requests and formal schedule invitations. If you’re consistently not replying to invitations then you must not be interested and will no longer be invited. Sorry, but scheduling games just doesn’t work otherwise.
  2. Write the adventure log post for the last session when it’s your turn to do so.
  3. Keep your PC up to date on iPlay4e.

Just take care of those three things and the game will be a blast!

Rules of the Road

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