A small mining town at the base of the Valthune Mountains this serves as the initial home based for the PCs. The town serves as a headquarters for the various mining companies that operate in the Valthunes. It is predominantly peopled by humans and dwarves, but commerce brings many travelers to town of a multitude of races.

The political head of Silvermont is a human named Lord Ormend

The captain of the guard is a dwarf named Kethorn Fyormsin

The town sage is a human named Mendis Falcon.

The major inn is the The Vulgar Unicorn. It is run by an ornery dwarf named Ronkhin. The furnishings here are fairly meager, but the ale is strong and prices are fair.

There is also a small tavern known as the Blue Boar Tavern. It has a small stage where many a pretty lass has danced for coin and drink.

The smithy is run by a goliath named Na-Rook.

The local temple is to Moradin and is run by a dwarven priestess named Tharina. There is also an alter to Kord there.


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