Under the Mountain

This is the song sang by Binwin at the fire pit that was shared with the dwarven scouts from Forgehome.

Red dragon o’er the moor
Her breath’s a fiery roar
While all the warrior dwarves are digging for gold under the mountain

Beholder roams the halls
See that eye and you’ll surely fall
Swing that pick axe to the wall digging for gold under the mountain

Copper and silver from Storvirk’s lode
Keep trying for the platinum and gold
We’ll all be dead before it’s gone
A deep hearted dwarf never misses the sun

Never a time to rest your bones
Work will keep you from the anguish throne
Keep swinging on, unearth that vien
Like Storvirk you might lay a claim

Illythids haunt the mine
Beware or they’ll take you mind
Fear will help pass the time digging for gold under the mountain

Deepreach was once our home
But now there evil roams
We must reclaim our own by digging for gold under the mountain_

Under the Mountain

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