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Welcome to the Adventure!

Thanks for dropping by our campaign site. You may want to check out some battle scenes from the game. Feel free to have a look through the campaign wiki or the adventure logs. Send any questions or feedback to the campaign’s dungeon master, TPiddy.

Our Game

Pact of the Ancients is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign being played in Raleigh, NC. We started in 2010 and are into the paragon tier. If you’re in the area and interested in joining the game drop a line to TPiddy.

The Story

Since the Empire of Nerath fell to gnoll raiders a century ago the world has entered a dark age…

With no civilized kingdom ruling the lands, the ancient dragons of Endisia have multiplied and expanded their influence. They now claim sprawling territories around their lairs collecting tribute or mercilessly punishing unwanted intruders. Malevolent creatures and ruthless marauders are a constant threat outside of the walls of the few cities and towns that stand against the darkness. The roads between these points of light are patrolled by the sentries of the towns and city that benefit from open trade routes. But no place is completely safe in this brutal realm.

Silvermont is a relatively remote town in the foothills of the Valthune Mountains. The mining companies headquartered behind it’s walls pull silver and gold ore out of several ancient mines that delve into the rocky slopes of the mountains above. One the deepest mines high in the mountains, Black Thunder Vaults, is now abandoned. It is said that umber hulks from the Underdark tunneled into the lower shafts letting other dark denizens access to its halls. The townsfolk now live in fear that the foul beasts of the Underdark might one day take an interest in the dealings of the surface world.

On a bright late summer day, the 13th day of Hightale in the year 987 of the Calendar of Ashram, fey gypsies from Arteuria have erected a bustling midway just outside the walls of Silvermont. Colorful tents are fronted by eleven barkers who holler of the exotic beasts on display. Juggling gnomes on stilts roam through packs of local children. Acrobats and magicians perform for the crowds who tip generously in appreciation of these performances. All the while the towns sentries watch the mountains intently from their towers wary of any attack while so many of the townsfolk are outside the city walls.

And so the story unfolds…

Pact of the Ancients

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