Pact of the Ancients

A long neglected entry

Session 51 - 23rd of Kelm

From the journal of Kildrak Stoneheart

Eager to get into battle, I started to head up the stairs until my fellow adventurers indicated with their looks that this would not be a good idea (I am not the quietest dwarf around). I deferred and let Nicolas Hauxworth proceed up first, with the rest of us following in short order. as he got closer to the top of the stairs, he indicated that he heard gnawing in addition to voices, so perhaps there would be more company then expected at the top. At this point, he stepped up into the room and let out a volley of arrows to try and take down our foes. I charged up right after, with the rest of the party following right after. the battle was swift due to them not expecting us, and the masterful maneuverings of Durani Humphrey to position us where our skills were most needed. We quickly took out a couple tieflings and a couple hellhounds, but there was 1 tiefling that tried to run…of course he couldn’t outrun this speedy little dwarf, and I made quick work of him after catching up.

After a short walk down the hallway, we then entered another large room with many sets of armor on display, or so we thought. Upon entering the room, the armor began to animate and move towards us to attack. We tried to move into the room to gain a tactical advantage, but our progress was halted by some creatures that looked like drow, except they had creatures attached to their heads almost like hats. We entered into a pitched battle with these controlled creatures and empty armor, however the conclusion of it is a story for another day.


TPiddy Xennootch

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