Pact of the Ancients

Gnoll Place Like Camp

Session 39 - 15th of Kelm

(As dictated to a squirrel) to Eridan Equis

Hi little guy!

Today has been an interesting (and tiring!) day! Let’s see…there was the demons in the morning, the dragon in the afternoon, the ettins in the early evening, and now this! It’s enough to make me sleepy.

We decided that after the fight with the Ettins, we needed a place to set up camp. We were exhausted, and needed the rest. We were traveling north, and found an outpost in the distance. It looked like a great place to set up a camp for the night, it was a tower that was pretty defensible. Nicholas decided to scout ahead, considering that Kildrak is in armor and I’m not as graceful as him. There, he found a camp full of gnolls! They lit a giant fire and attacked. This fight was pretty chaotic, all things said and done! I didn’t think we’d make it out alive, especially when one gnoll summoned a whole bunch of demons from the bonfire. However, we persevered and managed to turn the tides, and all the gnolls are slain including one that almost got away. We’d normally pursue (for some reason, the rest seem to have a really big thirst for blood sometimes) but decided against it. I’m setting up the camp right now, trying to tidy it up and hide it a little.

I’m not entirely sure how well I can hide a stone tower. Ah well, some leaves and branches should make it feel more like home at any rate. I’ll see you again, little guy!


TPiddy Xennootch

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