Pact of the Ancients

Goodness Gracious

Session 54 - 23rd of Kelm

From the notebook of Nicolas Hauxworth

I am beginning to think that these vermin want to keep this tower for themselves. Quite the resistance they are putting up. As we expected there was a large angry fire elemental awaiting us in the next room. The good thing was that it appears to hate the tieflings just as much as my companions and I as it is imprisoned behind two walls of ice.

Quickly I dispatched the forward group of hellguards. After the first group fell I heard a scream of pure fury and focus(I know a bit of an oxymoron) as Kildrak rushed into the fray. I watched in fascination as the hellguards attacks bounced off of him, he easily defeated every oncoming blow. He even waded through their hellish fire without a scratch! Simply amazing. The one remaining Talon scout, Vicross, was the first to the infernal incantations on the wall of the fire elemental`s cell before heading out to view the rest if the room. Which he then informed us of new foes; two chain devils and three tieflings. I ran on to greet these new enemies as Vicross retreated. This hasty move was partly triggered to Durani’s exceptional battlefield knowledge, it appears that his master had fought these chain devils in the past and had learned of weaknesses that could be exploited. While this information was fresh in my mind I ran over and unleashed a massive volley of bolts aiming at the key places that Durani had pointed out. After this volley Eridan followed up with an equally devastating attack that wrapped the majority if our foes in an lashing bramble of thorny vines.

Feeling that victory was close at hand we pressed our advantage only to hear s scream of anguish from Vicross as a huge ball of fire erupted over Durani, Vicross, and Eridan. We could only watch in horror as Vicross was baked alive, Eridan was able to teleport away and Durani’s fire resistance was hold but we knew that we were in trouble. We had to get away from this raging entity and fast, so quickly and recklessly killed the remaining foes in our way..the ones we missed the elemental took care of.

With the elemental hot on our tails we entered the next room. Which appears to be the summoning room for this tower. And of course it was not empty. But what is this? Is that Perion and Torrin’s voices I hear? That would be welcome indeed.


TPiddy michalecoffey

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