Pact of the Ancients

Hammers and Anvils

Session 47- 22nd of Kelm

From the log of Torrin Stormtooth

We made our way through the underbrush a good distance from our failed campsite, the stinch of singed flesh and hair hung in the air with the smell of our drying blood, If not for the Silver Division sending those scouts we may have been hellhound food by now. Perion used some of his magical prowess to conger the magical horses that have been of so much aid to us in the past and with just enough of them to carry us and the scouting party we made our way south. The one question that was on all of our minds, will it be a warm welcome or one that we will have to defend Perion for his ill advised actions? We burst from the underbrush onto a well traveled road and were soon at the entrance to the Silver Divisions mobile headquarters, a massive campsite of tents and large tents with walls made from the local forests. We made our way down the main thorough-fair passing vendors and suppliers of the Talons’ equipment and items, to my brother Gesh’s tent.

We had a short debriefing with my brother and informed him of all the trials we had been through in the last few days the battle with the gnolls, to me fighting my Bear and how I had relieved that Tiefling bitch of her head in the tower. Beaten and exhausted from the battles we had endured we pressed to give all the details at once to Advero when Gesh told us that [[Salavar Dag had made his way to the battle front and was now in command of the Silver Division. We made our way to the Central Command Tent to continue our tale and plan for our return to the Tower.

Upon entering into the Command tent we saw a group clusterd around a table in the center of the room, a hulking half-orc taking majority of the space this was Salavar. Most of us recognized a Dragonborn standing to the side of the room; it was Viseryr the leader of the Talon patrol we “relieved” of a prisoner. With him there things could get messy if the whole “you deprived us of the right to interrogate the enemy” thing came up, but we proceeded with telling Advero and Salavar of the threat that the tower posed. During the course of the meeting many things were discussed, the tower that now pulsed with evil and teemed with those damned hellhounds was used in the Great War so long ago. Geldram Tower was once the first line of defense from invaders from the northern front, at one point in the war it was overrun and taken by the Teifling hoards but the Arkosians had used a secret passage to retake it from within. Upon hearing this we started to do what most of the group thought was strange, we started planning. Nicolas went to Advero’s tent to go through the collection of tomes he brought with him to find any reference to the secret passage into Geldram Tower, while the rest of us stayed behind to discuss the battle strategy named by Kildrak as Hammer meets Anvil. A small skilled group would use the secret entrance and approach from below (when they found it) and the larger assault force would hammer the tower from above until the enemy is no more.

Salavar was skeptical about our report maybe believing the we were exaggerating the details of the resistance at Geldram Tower, and our encounters along the way. When the subject of Perions interrogation technique came up (as we all knew it would) Viseryr claimed that we had robbed the Talon of a valuable asset and source of information and should be punished severely. Perion may be a small fellow but his ways with words make him larger than most; he quickly put Viseryr in his place telling him that the only thing he was able to get out of his captive before was blood and bile, and he had at least got a valuable piece of information before saving the Talon from the trouble of wasting their time before killing him anyway. Viseryr shut his trap after a retort you would hear from a young child and a glare from Salavar. With my knowledge of military tactics and history with the Talon of Khotham my words held some weight to them when I asked Salavar for men to assist us in retaking Geldram, but he was not committed to the idea. He spoke of getting guidance from the other Blades of the Talon, we quickly opposed the idea. The forces at work in Geldram had ways to build up their forces stacking the odds against us if it took longer than half a days rest till our departure. Salavar made it clear he was not going to give us men and we should be happy to be aloud in came without shackles after the incident with the patrol, when Perion stepped forth and made Salavar see the weight of the situation with his words. His words seemed to shake Salavar to the core, he made us vow that if s similar situation would present itself we would defer to the command of the Talon. Upon hearing us vow he pledged 3 platoons of men to the assault.

Now we rest and ready our gear, Perion is enhancing one of his magical items, the paltoons are packing for the march ahead with Gesh and what looks like Salavar and two of his captains. Nicolas is coaching the scouts on the details of the art of scouting, Kildrak is doing everything he can to get some ale, Eridan and I stock up on the potions that the quartermaster would allow us(I managed to haggle him down a little). We make for the tower by daybreak after we have rested and washed our wounds, but before I rest I need to see a man about a shovel.


I laughed, I cried, I bristled at “ill-advised”. A grand post. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

(As a side note: I walked into that tent fully expecting actual consequences for Perion. I love that a series of lucky rolls made it sound reasonable to walk out with 40+ men and being asked “finish up what you were doing, it sounds important. We’ll wait.”)

Hammers and Anvils

Yeah, this was a great retelling of the RP that went into those meetings. Great stuff! There was some serious tension then the party was confronted on the death of that prisoner. I too am stoked to see what happens next.

Hammers and Anvils
TPiddy Xennootch

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