Pact of the Ancients

Into the Pit

Session 48 - 23rd of Kelm

Hi birdie! I know you just went on this whole trip with me, but I have to keep my journal going somehow. Plus, I have a message for you anyways.

It has been exciting! We’re attacking that tower we almost died in, but this time we have an army! I like this, I feel like a big boy, going to war and everything. I was sent ahead with Nicholas (I forget his other name, he’s Nicholas to me!), Kildrak and a few soldiers to scout for the back door entrance. I went with Nicholas because I can track through nature, and Kildrak came along because he is built like a brick house. Useful if we find the other entrance.

Anyways, the journey went fairly normally. I had a tip that the entrance was high up in a cliff, and I found something that might have been close. We went up the mountain and I was able to read the Draconic to tell it was just a giant courtroom or something. Not what we needed. However, our escort knew enough of the local history to know that there was an oracle hidden nearby in a crevasse. We found that pretty easily. There was some crazy fumes and a pit with a cage hanging over it. Naturally, we sent the two heaviest people into the cage to plummet to a certain death while the two physically weakest worked the winch. It is important to note I did not come up with this plan.

I don’t know exactly what happened down there, but it was successful! Kildrak mentioned something about being in bed with Bahamut and then he told him where the hidden entrance to the tower was. I feel like it’s something that I needed to be there to experience. Luckily, we did get them out of the pit too. The entrance was hidden behind the Kellish Falls, which we happened to know the location of.

We almost fell off a cliff then, but we survived. Behind the falls, we found the entrance, so now we’re sending a message to Perion to let him know to start the assault! When they distract the forces, we’re sneaking in behind. Hopefully we can help take the tower without destroying it in the process!


TPiddy Xennootch

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