Pact of the Ancients


Session 53 - 23rd of Kelm

From the journal of Eridan Equis

We have continued our assault on the tower, attacking through the rear! Whatever is going on, it seems like this tower is going to be the first major battle of whatever they will call this war someday. I hope whatever they decide to call it is exciting, and I also hope that we are the winners. It seems like we have a bit of a time disadvantage…but that’s a little off topic.

We continued past the caverns where we had that short struggle, and now it seems like we’re in the tower proper. Having found a staircase, we charged up it to be confronted with several sets of living armor, and what appeared to be drow that had demons on their heads. Luckily, we are capable and survived, but we did lose several of the scouts that came with us. It’s getting a little bit tight, we’re losing people and we’re tired, and we’re also not exploring everywhere. We decided to just head upwards and attempt to reconnect with the frontal assault – if they’re not turned back!

We have just made it to another room, and Nicholas scouted ahead to let us know that he found some sort of living flame ahead. I guess the only upside is that we may not need torches in the next battle, hopefully we all survive.


TPiddy Xennootch

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