Pact of the Ancients

Scouting gone wrong

Session 42- 18th,19th,20th of Kelm

From the log of Torrin Stormtooth

So we started the day by swinging wide around the tower looming in the distance, moving about the crags and grass. When we got about mid-way through our “scouting mission” when we heard the den of a horse nearby, we turned expecting to see Teifling riding in for the kill but instead were baffled by the sight of two Unicorns.

The druid let out a delighted yelp and exclaimed “OH LOOK PONIES!” and took off in pursuit hoping to “pet the pony”, but they were long gone before we even began tracking them. It was puzzling for sure; why were there two unicorns this far from the safety of their wood, why was Eridan so intent on chasing these two random creatures, Kord knows.“This is pointless” made up most of Kildrak’s grumbling and the pursuit had led us to a narrow ravine that screamed “ambush ahead”. My amusement at the endeavor had faded “I think we’ve wasted enough time with this, we should be doing recon on the tower” all of the others agreed and we turned from the distraction and made for the tower.

It was nearly dusk when we got back to the road and then the indecision set in, the when where and how of attacking this tower were evading us, should we wait for one of the raiding parties to depart and ambush them? Should we throw Kildrak at the door with his hammer extended in front of him? It was frustrating, we were back at the main path that led to the tower and what we assumed was the supply road, we began to set in an ambush and the plan was to dig a pit trap but we all neglected to realize that we were missing a very important tool for the job…HA! So we sat in wait for what seemed like days while waiting for this damned supply shipment that never came!

We were questioning the truthfulness of this “intel” when Nicolas donned what he called a “ghillie suit” and began creeping towards the tower under cover of night. In the darkness a large humanoid figure was lumbering between two of the rocky outcroppings and Nicolas tripped while trying to get low to the ground. The hulking creature peered through the darkness in our direction and we had a bit of a moment, we began frantically searching for a rock to hurl in the direction of the tower, it managed to get the thing distracted enough to think there was nothing to see. When Nicolas got within a couple hundred feet of the tower a thick sulfurous fog rolled from the base of the tower and he quickly left. The fog would be a problem so we decided to wait for daybreak and then approach the tower. The day cam and when the sun was high enough in the air to get rid of the fog so we readied ourselves and made for the tower.

The shape of the tower tower loomed as we approached, Nicolas saw movement on the tower and then much to our surprise the sulfurous fog rolled in just as thick as it was in the night. We pulled back a dozen feet and the fog faded back down, it was an early warning system so any advantage we may have had was lost last night. So ever on the back-pedal, our frustration had built to epic proportions and we pressed into the newly rising fog for a battle we were all but ready for. Perion thought it would be a good idea to go off from the group under the cover of the fog to do a “little” scouting (haha), when a javelin slammed into his armor and sent pain through his body. Then a true to form Dire bear came charging through the fog and slammed a claw at his face, I invoked my new power bestowed on me by Kord, pulling the bear in front of me and the claw instead hit me. My strike was swift and sure cutting the bear across it’s chest and a divine sanction was placed on him and I though to myself “HAHA I’M FIGHTING A BEAR TODAY” it got worse from there. Three hulking humanoids unveiled themselves from the fog lobbing javelins, rocks, and clubs at all of us, Perion was the main focus of their rage, instantly the target of these savage but oddly organised beasts.

Nicolas climbed atop the nearest rock and began firing his deadly volleys of crossbow bolts finding his mark with nearly every death dealing blow, and for such an odd fellow he is awfully spry, every time an enemy gets anywhere near him he bounds away and starts firing more bolts. An ogre came forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with the bear(that was a big wall off teeth and claws) and slammed his club on Eridan, he managed to stay on his feet but it was no small wound. I laid my hands upon him and help ease his pain, I then thrust my blade at the bear while invoking Kord’s wrath, my blade found an organ and the holy power of Kord burned at it. The bear howled in fury as blood poured from the fresh wound and lashed his massive claws at me, I managed to deflect the first with my shield but the second hit me full in the face. Then Eridan invoked some elemental fury and pushed his assaulter and the bear with a mighty gust of wind, turned into a cat and bounded to the safety of the rear flank a little better off than he started. Nicholas fired another volley at the ogre pursuing Perion making it regret the mere thought, Kildrak slammed his war-hammer into the ogres groin next to my bear(only thing within reach that was a “soft” spot hmhm). I swiped with my sword again inflicting another small wound on my bear and with a roar I bathed it and the ogre in frost.

Every Javelin and rock thrown was a harrowing experience, then Perion used that gleeful trick of his to allow us to share of our foes life-force. The bear stands before me with fresh blood matting it’s fur, bolts and frost jutting from his face and back, the ogre beside it clenching a club with one hand and an open wound with the other. The battle has just begun and we are fighting for our lives and this may not even be the tower we were led to think it was, when we make it through this I vow that I will find every last Horn and introduce them to my blade, but for now I have a bear to fight.


TPiddy michalecoffey

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