Pact of the Ancients

Stock up and fall in

22nd of Kelm

As you conspire under one of the canvas canopies of this tent city, the morning sky grows bleak and cloudy around you. During your debate, you overhear orders from Salavar Dag being cascaded through the Talons’ chain of command. Gesh, upon hearing the orders, voices agreement with his brother and then takes his leave of you. Soon you notice activity in the grassy clearing across the road from your tent. Several squads of military men fall into battle formation. These appear to be the men that Salavar pledged as support for a coordinated assualt on the tower. Gesh reappears walking along the ranks of his soldiers. He nods approvingly and seems keen to take this force into battle agianst the Horn. Two female officers observe the exercises from the side of a nearby hill and shout further orders, as archers and calvary perform drills behind the gathering force.

Is that Dag himself toward the back joining the ranks for exercises?
Talon drills

Advero Brial has alchemical supplies in his tent, 500gp worth of reagents, and the brew potion ritual is detailed in a tome on one of his shleves. He will share his labrotory, supplies, and references with you.

Advero says, “From what you’ve said about hose hell hounds and a red dragon please take this”:

He hands you a Potion Bandolier containing:
3 Fire Beetle Potions
1 Potion of Vigor
1 Potion of Regeneration
1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds


TPiddy TPiddy

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