Pact of the Ancients

The battle of Geldram Tower

Session 52 - 23rd of Kelm

From the Journal of Torrin Stormtooth

Walking armors, living Balistas, Teifling sorcerers, and now a gigantic ogre brute…. my blood boils with excitement! This is one of the larger battles I have ever had the pleasure of bringing Kord’s wrath to bare against my enemies. I watched the massive ogre and his flaming armor minions come charging out the door and meet with Perion and his troop, just within range of the power that Kord gave me. As the blow was about to lay into Perion the brute was pulled to my side and I took the brunt of the blow it felt as though the plate woul crack and leave me naked as a hatchling on its hatching day and I slashed at the stomach of the brute. Perion returned the favor in kind an mended the wounds soon after. This battle field was chaotic and organized at once, the Talon shouting orders and rushing to meet with the enemy volleys of flame came from the top of the tower to lay waist to several of the Talon’s men at a time, but the rain of arrows from our archers was too much for the living weapons on the tower. Once the balistas were laid low it was as if a collective sigh swept through the troops, until three great winged devils with an unusual amount of spines emerged from the top of the tower and began raining poisonous spines on everyone within range.

I had my troops begin to surround my new friend to limit his movement when it hefted his massive club over his shoulder and swept it in a brutal arc that allowed me a moment to rest upon the flat of my back, killed a man-at-arms, and left another with a bloodied brow. Salavar made his entrance then, he had just waded though the battlefield killing everything in his path to join in the mob against the ogre. We hacked and stabbed at it with every chance we had but even with Salavar’s help it seemed to do little, that when we heard the howl of an armor clatter to the ground a short distance away and the scream of the spirit that was in it. The ogre seemed to become revived by it feeding on its life force. I landed a viscous blow and it howled in pain as fresh blood ran from the gaping wound in its side. The Battle was taking a turn in out favor when those damned doors burst open and a torrent of devils and cultists poured out into the melee followed by three great flaming beasts that charged into the battle leaving walls of flame in their wake. At once the sheer scope of this battle came rushing into all of our minds, Salavar, Perion and I all exchanged worried looks and it seemed as though the order to regroup would be sounded soon. Perion tried to reason with my brute friend and I got the back of his club in response. I had a flash of pain and then a burning sensation running up my arm, I saw the black streak of a spine fly through the air and strike Salavar in the arm too. Those damned spined devils were still raining poisonous quills down from on high, when a group of well aimed shots came at one of them, the force of some eight arrows sent the devil reeling and tumbling through the air and the ground rushed to embrace it back into the fold of the Nine. All of it happened so fast, or maybe it was the devils poison running in me, the devil slammed into the earth, and the infantry devils were being picked apart, when the was a great roar and I fully expected the ogre’s club to great my skull. It instead fell to the ground with a shocked look upon its face, and the sword of a lowly soldier jutting from a crack in its hide armor that should he protecting its heart. We closed distance with the Nighmares and started slashing at its hide, another devil fell from the sky from the shear force of the arrows the archer squad was loosing. Perion and I healed the wounds of our allies, while Salavar cut into the flaming horses and the other soldiers escorted the rest of the devils back to the Nine with the edges of their blades with the cultists close behind and we stamped the flames of the Nightmares with our boots, and the last spined fiend fell to the ground in a heap of wings and spines. One last Tiefling flung a fire spell from a window of the tower and fled for its pathetic life. The battle was hard fought, our armor is dented and our troops are battered. At the end of the day the enemy lost 43 of their men and devils, and the Talon lost 37 good men to the cause. Perion and I are eager to press forward and meet the rest of our party, and help with the continued battle that is surely waging under the very ground we stand on, no telling what they are fighting down there. Salavar has declared that the Talon will not press forward without counsel from the other Talon and reinforcements. The choice now lies before us, stand gaurd with what little is left or the Talon troops, or Perion and I rush in to meet the “anvil” and purge this tower of the evil that plagues it.



TPiddy Xennootch

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