Pact of the Ancients

The very secret diaries of our party

Session 43 and 44- 21st of Kelm

From Perion de la Foret

Nethearia(NOTE: This is two sessions. I wanted something out before our next session, and before we forget what’s going on. Anyone feel free to fix this up.)

From the history of Perion de la Foret, self styled count-of-the-forest, who was known as Perion Ayel Lud in a previous life.

Nicholas unlocked the hatch at the top of the tower, deciding that we should clear it top-down and catch the enemy by surprise. The whole tower was foggy with the sulphurous mist, though everyone but Perion had goggles to clear their vision. The Company of The Forest crowded themselves in a staircase while Nicholas unlocked the next door, we were met by an ogre just behind it, prepared to bring his flail down on our head the moment we gave him the oppourtunity. Perion opened with a shout to give us all some breathing room, pushing back the ogre to squish a tiefling standing behind him against the wall and arranging the group in a defensive position.

A river of tieflings surged in, taking potshots at Eridan and locking him in place with a ring of flames he did not dare to cross, before teleporting into the melee to aid the ogre. However, with the party’s clever formation, the ogre himself could only strike effectively at the heroes who could best withstand his attacks. Eridan and Nicholas kept the flood of devilish foes, in check, while Kildrak & Torrin held the Ogre in place, and all whittled him down without any significant damage to the party. Nicholas suggested we hurry down to the base of the tower without a rest to prevent anyone from escaping; all agreed and we followed down.

Waiting in the tower Foyer, we met Nethearia, who had arranged a clever trap, placing a statue of the devil lord of greed in the corner to lure in anyone who was too weak-willed to resist; placed between a pair of flame wards on the wall to burn anyone who came close -unless they could resist fire, like a tiefling. There was the standard period of bluster with threats of destruction and hellfire; Nicholas was tired of hearing the same old story and gave her 10 seconds to start with answers. She continued her threats, and he shot her in the face.

Nethearia battle

On her own, she was simply not powerful enough to challenge the party, who surrounded and wounded her with the most powerful tricks they had remaining. As she became bloodied, she desperately began to shout everything she knew of us, far more than most of us knew about eachother. Torrin and Kildrak are both figuratively hounded by shadows from their past. Nicholas and Perion are both literally pursued by their history; Nicholas by a family he had wronged, and Perion by an old ally who may soon fall victim to The Throne of Anguish.

After another decisive victory, everyone spilled their history, the party deactivated the traps in the room, rested & recovered, and then searched the tower. Under the statue of Mammon, there was a trap door leading downstairs.

Oh, and Eridan apparently has never had anything interesting ever happen in his life before he joined up.


TPiddy TPiddy

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