Abderus Mok'Nathal

A woodly fellow who appears strong and fast, and followed by a wolf spider, carrying a large axe.


Ranger, Beast Mastery build
Wolf Hunting Spider companion
Great axe, Leather armor, Longbow


first born half orc (one human parent, one orc parent), found in the wild at a young age, no memory of his life before that point. Storm touched by Kord, again, no memory of when or where, but Kord supposedly has his eye on me. I follow Melora though, for the nature, where I live, with my spider companion. I have been a lumberjack and mountain boy my whole life that I can recall. I have been in the area for that time as well, living with a family, helping them out with hunting and the likes.

Abderus Mok'Nathal

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