Durani Humphrey

Talon tactical warlord joining us for the tower assault.


Cheat sheet
+3 to party initiative
On Ally AP’s, they +3 to hit +5 to damage for the AP action
ON his AP’s- ONE ally gets +3 to hit for a round (no damage buff)
+3 to his AC vs opportunity attacks

If any ally REALLY misses with an encounter/daily: Use “No gambit is wasted” (reaction, recharges missed power)
IF an ally BARELY misses with an encounter/daily: Use “Adept Insight” (interrupt, adds to roll)
If he BARELY misses with an attack: Use “Heroic effort” (interrupt, adds to roll)

Inspiring Word (x2)
Stand the fallen

Reorient the Axis

If he’s in horrible danger:
Drop shield & use “Swordmage Warding”


Durani was orphaned by a plague in his childhood. He was raised by the Church of Bahamut, and joined into the talon as soon as he was an adult, and believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has given him a divine duty to carry out her will. While a competent commander on his own, he is truly valued in the field is his uncanny faith, and his ability to grant his own confidence in all the others around him.

When the recent Tiefling incursion started, Durani immediately joined with a group of scouts for forward duty. He has worked with Gesh before; Gesh himself suggested Durani to the swift-attack mission.

Durani Humphrey

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