Mizr’setah Menotherian

There for her own reasons, but keenly interested in Deepreach


Of House Azrinae

Stuff she’s good at:
Scouting, sneaking, snarking.
Hurting those closest to her.
Making a target more vulnerable (AC down, conditions)
Has a bag of holding
Knows the way to Maelbrathyr

Footpad’s friend, Helm of Able Defense, let me retool Gesh a bit so he hits more often, Ring of Giants


Mizr’setah Menotherian is looking for someone who happens to have headed to Maelbrathyr.
A Tiefling who happened to take a brief stay in one of her house’s dungeons left with something that didn’t belong to him. She has been sent to recover the missing item, and make it clear that his actions were not appreciated.

While tracking him, she happened to be passing through and heard of the planned expedition to Deepreach, by way of Maelbrathyr. As long as they don’t want anything to do with Drow politics, well, the more the merrier, right?

STUFF I ASSUME y’all discover through chatter as we walk:

Mizr’setah Menotherian is a “foreign relations, acquisition, and loss prevention specialist” for house Menotherian. Basically, any time they need someone who can move freely and deal with palefaces, it’s her job. She is just at that level of middle-management where she’s too important to go on raids, sit in a tower & or anything else that has no short-term goal; but not important enough to deal with greater Drow houses. This often leaves her with fetch quests, trade deals, and the occasional assassination. She’d love to go to the surface when she gets enough vacation days together for a proper trip to see the sights & cities.
House Menotherian’s official position on the war between the Horn & the Talon is “stay out of our land.” They prefer to engage in short, decisive conflicts they have the resources to end definitively, and since there seems to have been a stalemate for the past year. “Currently we wish to remain uninvolved, but anything that gets one or both sides out of the Underdark is a good use of my time.”

She likes spiders, kittens, honey, and snark. Can juggle. Apparently a southern belle.

A Tiefling who had been taking a vacation in the dungeon of an outpost house Menotherian had been maintaining near the city of Forgehome. When he left, he took a magic ring with him, and left his dagger on the pillow of the commander. She is currently charged with retrieving the item, making sure he understands his actions were inappropriate; and that whoever is responsible for this man is aware trespassing, theft, and personal threats are not appreciated.

Mizr’setah Menotherian

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