Morthos "Mort" Graisson

A young half-orc, drawn equally to civilization and the wild, trying to figure out where he fits in


“Mort”, Half-Orc Stormheart Warden 3

Favored Weapon: Warhammer and Heavy Light Shield

Favored Armor: Hide

Top Skills: Perception, Nature, Heal, Endurance


  • Warden’s Fury
  • Warden’s Grasp
  • Tempest Assault
  • Strength of Stone
  • Furious Assault
  • Gale Strike
  • Erupting Font
  • Thundering Strike
  • Form of Mountain’s Thunder

original monochrome character portrait from DeviantArt, colorized by me



Mort grew up in the city of Tyrrn, raised by his mother, Grai, a half-orc seamstress of some skill. Although the family business was successful enough to live by, it did not rise as far in the city’s economic and social circles as it should have, Mort believes, due to anti-half-orc prejudice from the human and tiefling ruling class of the city. Mort grew frustrated with this and so left to seek his fortune as a mercenary guard for a merchant caravan heading to Silvermont. Almost as soon as he left the city, he began to feel his primal roots calling to him, and has been surprised and pleased to find that he has an almost instinctive understanding of nature and the great outdoors, especially the primal forces of wind and storm. Perhaps it has something to do with the great thunderstorm that Mother says happened the night he was born…?

Mort has lived in Silvermont for several years now, doing odd jobs as tavern bouncer, caravan guard, and personal bodyguard, and finds the town to be a much more comfortable place. He’s made some friends, made some money, and is starting to feel more comfortable in his own skin once again. Which undoubtedly means something is going to change, soon…

Personality and Motivation

Mort wants more than anything to have a place that he can call home, a place that accepts him as who he is. He wonders sometimes – since half-orcs breed true, why is it that everyone still considers them a half-breed between humans and orcs, stuck on the fringes of both societies, when they’re obviously a race unto themselves, deserving of respect?

Mort has a lot of anger about the situation that half-orcs (and half-elves, and other “mixed” races) face, and making insulting references to his parentage (is an easy way to get him into a fight. Since Silvermont does have a problem with orc raiders, and people have strong opinions about this fact, he does tend to get into frequent bar fights, and is usually banned from at least one of the town’s taverns at any given time as a result.

Mort has a conflicted view of tieflings as a race – since they’re half-breeds too, he feels some sympathy for them, but since they’re the ruling class of Tyrrn (and have a reputation for looking down on other races) he tends to resent their position.

Mort has a good heart and generally tries to do the right thing. He has a soft spot for helping the poor and the downtrodden, and conversely may resent orders given from those of high social status.

The other PCs

  • Abderus Mok’Nathal seems to think that he knew Mort as a child somewhere near Silvermont. Mort is sure that’s impossible, since he was born and raised in Tyrrn his whole life, but he won’t press the issue. Abderus is a good friend and a kindred spirit.
  • Griffo Weatherbee (or Mr. Weatherbee to Mort) is a goofy little guy, but he pays Mort well when he needs a bodyguard, and the two have developed a good working relationship.
  • Vash – Mort had never met a shifter before he met Vash, and this is definitely a weird creature. But he seems to have a real understanding of nature and its primal power, so perhaps he can teach Mort a thing or two.
  • Raggar Bloodbane is one of the first dragonborn that Mort ever met, dragonborn not being particularly welcome back in Tyrrn. He is one of the few people in Silvermont who can armwrestle Mort to a draw, and Mort can’t help but respect that. Raggar’s strength and forceful personality is gradually converting Mort into a follower of Kord.
  • Perion de la Foret nearly got Mort killed by goblins when they first met one another. Mort tries not to hold grudges, but that’s the kind of thing one tends to remember. First impressions: Perion is like an even smaller, even more immature version of Mr. Weatherbee. Just what Mort needs…
  • Zarn is an eladrin and a wizard, neither of which Mort has any previous familiarity with (unless you count Elisandra N’Starra). He’s remarkably good with that sword of his, and seems to know a lot about many things. He can’t handle his alcohol, but hopefully he’ll be useful to have around anyways.

Morthos "Mort" Graisson

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