Raggar Bloodbane

A stalwart youth with a quick smile and a knowing eye, you get the feeling that you're seeing the calm before the storm


Raggar Bloodbane, dragonborn Cleric of Kord 1

Chainmail armour, beats faces with a mace


Religion, Insight, Diplomacy, Heal


At Will

  • Righteous Brand
  • Recovery Strike


  • Healing Strike
  • Dragon Breath
  • Healing Word
  • Divine Fortune
  • Turn Undead


  • Shield of the Gods

Raggar was born in Khotham but moved to Silvermont with his father Thorrin Bloodbane when he was three. Having always felt an indefinable “tug” toward the divine, particularly towards Kord’s teachings, it wasn’t long before he started hanging about the temple. Tharina eventually offered to look after Raggar while his father was away, an arrangement that made everyone involved happy. Thorrin knew that his son was in good hands, Tharina received an acolyte of Kord, and Raggar finally got to experience what it meant to serve his God.

Raggar made his vows almost 4 years ago now and has been serving as a cleric of Kord in the local temple alongside Tharina since. He has been known to go down into the mines from time to time either to exterminate some of the vermin infesting them or to work as a miner, pitting his strength against the mountains’. He sometimes makes appearances in the local taverns as well, challenging the patrons to games of strength or skill (he is admittedly better at the former) and, hopefully, teaching them a thing or two about Kord’s philosophy in the process.

Thoughts on the other PCs

Abderus Mok’Nathal : I have only met Abderus in passing, exchanging greetings and continuing on our different ways. I hear that he is a decent woodsman and hunter. If his “pet” is any indication, I’d say he was more than a mere hunter. There is something about him though, a gut feeling telling me I should keep my eye on him. I think Kord may have plans for this half-orc. Only time will tell.

Griffo Weatherbee : A tiny ball of energy that always seems to be on the move. I have seen him on several of my excursions to the Blue Boar Tavern, ogling dancers and playing games of chance. He seems to have a penchant for electrocuting small creatures.

Mort Graisson : I have seen Mort on many occasions. Working as a caravan guard, a doorman at some of the taverns, or just wandering about Silvermont. He seems like a good enough person, and I’ve heard nothing to the contrary. Thorrin has mentioned working with him several times, stating that he was competent and seemed to loosen up more as they got farther from town. To his credit, I have never seen him back down from a challenge and he has, more than once, competed against me in various games.

Vash : A shifter that I rarely see in town, and even then only for short periods of time. I know very little about this man. I have heard others mention hiring him as a tracker and guide.

Faces Melted


Raggar Bloodbane

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