Shawna Peelwail

A fiery red-headed woman with a billowy blouse. She has a polished longsword in a fancy scabbard on her thigh and a obsidian kitted gauntlet on her left hand. She greets you with a slap on the back and big smile.


Shawna has no idea where she was born. Her parents dropped her off at a distant port when she was young…and even the memories of them leaving are fading. Luckily the crew of the Lucky Kraken found her and decided to raise her as one of them.

She has stayed with the ship ever since. Learning the close combat needed in order to flight on a ship on open water. The crew treat her like family, for they are the only family that she has ever known.

As of late though she has been thinking about here patents and of the world outside the port cities she has saw all of her life. With the blessing of her shipmates she has set off on a grand adventure to find her parents and the world at large.

Shawna Peelwail

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