Vicross Urthadar

Talon Scout


From a mid level family in Khotham joined the Talon for his love of the Talon’s ability to raise status. He leaps at any opportunity to set himself apart from the rank and file of other soldiers with the goal of raising his (and his family’s) status among the other nobles of Khotham.


Born and raised in the heart of Khotham I learned the way of nobles, but being from a mid-level family gave me the opportunity to have friend both highborn and low. I prefers the low they have a certain charm about them a nobility all their own and oh so adaptive. I learned the tricks of moving about undetected but could never fully grasp the art, the art of the blade however was easy enough. I never wanted to be like the lowborn though, such a measly life toiling about and struggling to make a living so I would make sure my family would want for nothing.

The first time I had laid eyes on the Talon I was awe struck, the gleaming armor, ranks of them training to do their god’s justice, it made me long to be among them earning renown from commoner and noble alike.

I have worked my way through the Talon and now I have been hand picked to assist this group of adventurers who claim there is a great threat coming from a tower not many leagues away. I am to help find a secret passage to the catacombs of this tower and help fight any evils we may find within. Surely this will win me much!

Vicross Urthadar

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