Pact of the Ancients

bats, Bats, BATS

19th of Ingray, 988

From the journal of Kildrak Stoneheart

In a very peculiar turn of events, every single member of our hunting party needed to relieve themselves at the same time so we spread out to different corners to get a little privacy. This collective act seemed to irritate some of the native inhabitants of the caverns and we quickly found ourselves beset by large Bats from every conceivable direction. I heard Lhankor Traslocare cry out in pain and come running around the corner that she was behind straight through several of the large Bats. A swarm of smaller bats had apparently attacked Lhankor while she was…well you know. Unfortunately, in her haste she was unable to avoid the attacks of the large Bats while running away and appeared significantly hurt by the time she made it clear. I immediately took to her defense and put myself between her and the pursuing bats, the rest of the part will have to handle anything coming from the other sides.

Everything appeared under control until a couple much larger BATS appeared launched into the assault and one even grabbed Nicolas Hauxworth and ascended higher into the cavern with him in his grip. I maintained my defense of Lhankor and put up a very formidable wall that the bats had a hard time getting through. I heard the pitched battle taking place behind me as well, but didn’t have the luxury to divert my attention to see if they were OK. After several pitched rounds of combat we defeated the largest BATS and, devastated the swarm of small bats, and scattered whatever large Bats we didn’t kill.

After a short rest where Lhankor again used her tracking spell to find where the fleeing tiefling was at, we proceeded onward, but quickly heard the voices of several Dwarfs call out to us. After learning they were from the mining outpost of Forgehome. We sat down to have a talk with them, hoping that we might get some assistance in the hunt or additional information that would be valuable. I admire my hearty brethren who make their home in this harsh, yet beautiful, environment. I hope to be able to see more of it soon, but for now we need to learn what we can from these dwarfs, share what we know with them, and continue on our hunt.


Didn’t Kildrak say “you’re driving me batty!” or something like that on a kill?

bats, Bats, BATS
TPiddy Xennootch

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