Pact of the Ancients

Befuddled, muddled, and tumbled

19th of Ingray 988

From the journal of Nicolas Hauxworth

Nothing like roper guts to clear the senses! And quite the gullet that the beast had, a sad day for the poor adventures that were left behind. After cleaning off the valuables and storing them in our extra-dimensional bag we were on our way again. It seems that the anomaly of the fungal forest was just begining of this underground ecosystem for as we ventured further into the dark the surroundings started to get musty with the buzzing of strange subterranean insects who once landing on a black goo were swallowed up whole. It also appears that some large creature has expanded these tunnels for large claw marks were all over the stone work…some of it fresh. Truly fascinating! Winston would love this place, I will have to make sure to bring him down here once we have some time to spare…who knows when that will be.

Just as think about what other sorts of properties this black goo would have Torrin and Kildrak disappeared from view (note: I must teach those how to listen to the very earth itself, maybe it is best if I stay near the front). Torrin screamed like a little baby, quite amusing actually. The same could not be said for Kildrak for all heard was a grunt followed by some dwarven expletives that quickly got quieter. I could hear the distance shouts of Kildrak but do not think that they could hear my responses. Lankor approached the newly created hole, cast a spell on herself, and gently started to descend. This didn’t seem like very much fun to me and I assumed that we would need to have a way back out so I found a nice sturdy stalactite and with the help of Gesh and Perion I secured a nice not. Then I jumped down the hole. What a blast this was! Though I wasn’t prepared for the sudden stop at the end, it was a good thing that I hadn’t eaten anything for a while. I could hear Gesh and Perion following down behind me, much safer it seems. Lankor, as graceful as ever slid past me(I must have past her..can’t remember that during the downhill rush) and floated to the ground. Once we all got down we found Kildrak and Torrin, a little beat up but it looks like they would manage. It appears that we had landed in a cavern carved much the same as the tunnel above, with those strange claw marks. We started to get the party back up the chute that we had slid down when Lankor and I heard a chittering sound, it seems like our retreat would have to wait a little while. I shot a few warning shots but they seemed to wide or not stop the oncoming threat.

Soon emerging into the light was the creator of the cavern as the tunnels above, an umber hulk. It lumbered forward with its massive claws and four strange eyes. The ensuing conflict was mostly a blur for me as those strange eyes warped my equilibrium throwing me into walls and dark corners. I know I landed a few shots but I am not sure how much good they did. When I was lucid what I could see was the combined might of Kildrak and Lankor using the umber hulks tricks against the beasts themselves. I am still suprised by Kildrak’s bravery, I watched him bang his shield and force the foes to attack him above all else. I swear that one time I sensed fear in the beasts and they tried to retreat, but as this party is want to do we utterly destroyed them. Maybe I need to rethink this blood lust that comes over me during a battle. Though the creature was attempting to kill me I do not think it was out of malice, I was just food to it. Maybe if I can just exert my alpha predator status then I do not have rip my enemies to shreds.

I’ll start with creatures, the same can’t be said against tieflings.


TPiddy TPiddy

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