Pact of the Ancients

Pestilence and Pain

A strange fever has broken out in Cerdan. The pestilence is known as Gelugon’s Grasp. It seems to be spreading through the leadership ranks of the city militia as well as among some of the political leaders of the city.

Finnigan Malachine begins to push for the Council of Lords, a largely symbolic assembly of members of some of the descendants of the noble caste of the Empire of Nerath, that the Council should be stepping in to assume authoritarian control of the city during the crisis of the spreading sickness.

Victims of the fever suffer from a red rash that resembles flames, but as they hallucinate they claim to be freezing to death in an icy wasteland covered by rushing glaciers colliding with each other, pummeling hailstones, and crushing avalanches of ice. Many have died. None have fully recovered.

Later in Cerdan one day, a dwarven prospector came running screaming through the city gates into the farmer’s market square. This dwarf had come back from a deep excursion into caverns beneath the Valthunes. He told a tale of duergar capturing his colleagues and taking them down toward the Underdark as slaves. The mining company that he worked for hired a band of adventurers to follow the dwarf’s directions back down into the deep caverns. They managed to confront the duegar in a volcanic cavern and rescue the other captured prospectors and miners. They know the path down into the Underdark that the duegar where taking.

Word of these happenings in Cerdan circulates widely throughout Endisia.


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