Pact of the Ancients

Songs of jewels and gold, and ambushes of the Tiefling kind

19th of Ingray 988

From the journal of Torrin Stormtooth

I sat by the fire watching Kildrak enjoy the company of his ale loving brethren as we shared stories of our journey into the deeps so far. Watching dwarves drink until they cant walk straight is pretty amusing when you think about it, maybe that magical ale mug was the perfect gift for our stout friend after all! Perion sang the story of his journey from begining to end , with his prowess on his sitar his magic took hold of the shadows cast by the fire and played the story out before our eyes. Moved by Perions performance the dwarven leader took up his own small instrument from a nearby bag and sang us a song by the name of Under the Mountain. My companions and I could not help but notice the reference of an anguished throne and the Illithids that lay below and the deserted city of Deepreach. Even through the dwarven lyrics I could tell that he was only reciting the lyrics and didn’t know the true history of the song or what they symbolized. After sharing his song the leader of this band from Forgehome told us we had taken a very dangerous route to get where we were and gave us an alternate route to the outpost that would not hold nearly as many dangers as this “direct” route had brought us through. We decided that we should continue our pursuit of the Tiefling who had escaped our “feigned retreat” from the outpost above and continue to Forgehome once our mission was done.

We bid farewell to our new acquaintances and continued on our way, Lhankor recast her ritual to track the raider and we continued on, I should have seen the ambush from a mile away but I got careless. We came to a choke point where the cavern narrowed to one small point with a path that lead to the left, a knife came whirling out of the dim light cast by my blade and clattered against a wall as it barely missed the frill of my ear. I saw him there through the darkness and I charged forward to meet him two more sprang from the dark corners on either side of the cavern and let more of those knives fly towards my allies as I engaged the teifling ambusher to my front. I slashed at his chest with my sword and after a cry of pain the bastards sword ignited in a blast of hell-fire, the counterattack caught me completely by surprise and would have surely done heavy damage, a bolt slammed into the teiflings chest and his sword skimmed off the side of my armor, I gave Nicholas a silent thanks and continued my work. So much happened so fast the teiflings made a break to escape and we pursued, even Perion fell for it, as we pressed to catch them before they could inform their allies of our movements two massive tentacles lashed from the ceiling and grabbed Perion and myself. I knew that Perion was more important to this party than I am so I called upon my holy powers to take the attack for Perion and allow him to move freely, as I took the damage from the blows my powers pulled from the darkness above a large creature that looked like a pillar of stone with a giant eye at the center of the spire. As it crashed to the ground at my feet I drove my blade deep into the rock-like flesh then I was free and surrounded by teiflings and I remember a flash of flame then nothing. I awoke refreshed a few moments later with a powerful surge of strength from Perions magic, I channeled my strength and called upon my own healing powers to refresh myself and lashed out again as Kord’s holy might burned the enemies that were attacking my allies. The Roper fell to a rain of arrows and swords after being put to sleep by Lhankor, and the teiflings died in short order after that. Nicholas knew that Ropers tend to eat things they think are shiny and decided to gut the beast and found several VERY valuable items in its gullet including a cup that holds some historic importance.

Now we rest and focus on the task ahead of us, we have come too far to fail but the odds are looking like they are stacked against us at every turn. So far we have been able to overcome each challenge and prove ourselves in the glory of combat, I eagerly await to see what challenges Kord has in store for me next…


TPiddy Xennootch

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