Pact of the Ancients

The desecrated outpost

16h of Ingray, 988

From the Journal of Nicolas Hauxworth

After a lengthy discussion, the dwarves came around to the obvious; the war is here like it or not. And while I can understand that they are hesitant to bring themselves in a racial feud that spans centuries the Talon at least pretend that they are the good guys.

After securing many maps of the local area I was confident that I could lead our group to Qorthar without error. What I was unsure of is any resistance along the way or at the outpost, as we had to approach from the south which is unsecured by the dwarves. Luckily, the way there was uneventful, a few close calls but with the help of Lankor’s magic light we were able to evade any mishaps.

Upon reaching Qorthar we could see clear signs of ransacking. Even the door which looked like it had been repaired multiple times was meekly hanging on its hinges. After checking for traps(we were warned that it had been trapped in the past) and listening for any foot traffic we made our way in the rear entrance. We were greeted by a small corridor and decided to take the passage to the right. Again, I checked for traps and assumed the way was clear when there was a horrible blast followed by a blazing inferno of hellfire. Torrin, myself, Perion, and Kildrak were all caught in the blast while Lhankor deftly outmaneuvered the flame; not even catching her flowing dress on fire. Even after we had snuffed out the flames the heavy smoke filled our lungs. This was not how I wanted to start this excursion.

Clearly on our toes now we cautiously explored the next area. The next room contained a trove of maps for the surrounding area, quickly we gathered up all the maps and placed them in our bag for future inspection. The same could be said of the next few rooms. We found the supply closet and set up out fake supplies. No other doors seemed to be trapped, at least the ones we have checked so far. We did find a body of a dead dwarf which appears to have been from the previous raid, around three days ago. In the barracks there was signet of the Ambershard which Lhankor was able to add that they generally deal with trinkets from the Underdark. Perhaps the dwarves are not telling the whole truth about their operation?

In the next room was a silver statue to some dwarven hero, but instead of a look of pride it was replaced with a face of pure agony. Perion and Kildrak recognized this work of Gyyrune. As Torrin and I inspected it further suddenly he screamed in anguish and started charging me. Quickly I ran past him and shut the door behind me. A moment later Torrin exclaimed that the statue had spoke to him he swore that I was Rayden. Clearly this was preposterous as I how could a large dragon enter the these small caves in the first place. I started to tell him so when he tried stab me again through the door! This was a man possessed. Not wanted me to kill Torrin him trying to kill me Lhankor mentioned that we should try and destroy the statue instead. So I started laying waste to the poor dwarf with well placed shots. Then I heard a voice, it was Finnigan Malachine ! That bastard! How the hell he gotten in here I am unsure but it meant his death! As my bolts pierced his flesh he smirked and vanished. Where did he go?! As I started to run after him I blacked out.

The next thing I remember was Perion looking over me, bleeding with two fresh bolt holes in his shiny emerald armor. I couldn’t have done that? Could I have?

It seems that this outpost is only beginning to tell us its secrets.


TPiddy Xennootch

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