Calendar of Ashram

The Calendar of Ashram is the commonly used system of dates in Endisia. It is a solar calendar of 365 days and has a leap year day occurring every 4 years at the end of the first month, Ano. The action of the campaign began on the 13th of Hightale on the day when the moons of Ghalor and Setyune are full. Both moons are full on the same night four times a year punctuating each of the seasons with a festival day of great feasting. Conversely the moons are new four times a year and those nights are met with fear and locked doors. The barrier between the Shadowfell and the First Work is said to be very thin on those nights and undead from that realm are known to sometimes cross over into the lands of the living.

The calendar became fairly universal in the First Work during the reign of the empire of Nerath, and residents of the Feywild are aware of it due to the need then and now to coordinate trade contracts and diplomatic agreements. The fey have their own much older calendar for their events and holidays. The Shadowfell has no organized culture to speak of and no seasonality as it is perpetually dead; therefore, there is no separate calendar there.

Month Days
Ano 30/31
Denashi 30
Purashi 31
Sann 30
Shyer 31
Rotham 30
Tonh 31
Hightale 30
Kelem 31
Nolet 30
Ingray 31
Zield 30

A week in the Ashram Calendar is seven days with each bearing the name of a deity:

Day Deity
Corsday Corellon
Avansday Avandra
Melorsday Melora
Kordsday Kord
Bahmsday Bahamut
Erasday Erathis
Pelsday Pelor

The seasons change as follows:

Season Starting Date
Spring Purashi 16th
Summer Rotham 16th
Autumn Kelem 16th
Winter Zield 16th

Calendar of Ashram

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