Character Guidelines


Ability scores should go by either a standard array or use the point buy system. Races and classes from PH1 and PH2 are all available. The Seeker and Runepriest class from PH3 are also available. Powers, feats, paths, destinies can also come from dragon magazine or the power supplements though. I’d like to keep spellscars and dragon marks out of this game though as they are pretty specific to the Realms and Eberron. Character backgrounds are allowed but should also not be from Forgotten Realms. PC alignments can be anything but evil. Good alignments are encouraged as you are supposed to be the good guys and all that.

Class Compendium has revamped a few classes and feats via Dragon articles. You don’t need a DDi subscription to see these articles.

New character themes have been created for non-Dark Sun PCs, but I don’t think they are incorporated into the Character Builder yet. If you have a DDi subscription you can read about them here or let me know you’re interested, and I’ll mail a copy of the PDFs to you.

The PCs are paragon tier now. So any new PC would be someone who has already become a fairly powerful hero and will have a backstory to match.


Now that the action has shifted away from Silvermont new characters being introduced could be from the Valthune Mountains, Tyrrn, Cerdan or the Eldenwood. Once you come up with a character concept you can let me know how you’d like the character is introduced into the narrative.

Here are some suggested background starting ideas based on race:

Human – could be from anywhere in Endisia, a caravan guard or wandering religious figure

Half-elf – native to Khotham, wandering traveling from Qanzyl to Silvermont

Half-orc – native to Silvermont and part of the the strong half-orc community there, but subject to some prejudice from the locals though as the townspeople don’t appreciate the attacks of the orc tribes in the mountains

Dwarf – a noble emissary from Vulceron

Dragonborn* – Native to Khotham, student of the ruins and writings of the Arkhosian empire

Tielfing – Native to Tyrrn, student of the ruins and writings of the Turathian empire

Halfling – Native to Qanzyl

Goliath – Member of a goliath community based in Valthune Mountains that commonly servers as a mountain guide for prospectors looking for new mineral deposits

Character Guidelines

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